About Us

We are two best friends, Sabrina and Leslie, who met in a ballroom dance class and have been inseparable ever since.  

We're both married (Leslie and Michael on 10.16.05 ~ Sabrina and Jarret on 10.15.11) ie: the dates were not planned and neither was being married by the same officiant!

 Leslie and Michael have 2 human kids: Aidan and Avery

We both have fur baby children:
Sampson (Leslie and Michael's) and Dexter (Sabrina and Jarret's)

We both have creative tendencies, and we decided we would channel those crafty ideas into an Etsy shop where we can share our inspirations and whimsical style - at an affordable price.

We created Neverland Nook as a way to help enrich and inspire children's lives with a bit of whimsy.  Our handcrafted accessories and playtime enhancements are inspired by our families and are created to further children's delight in this all-too-brief moment of childhood, when everything is possible - if you just believe. 
 However, this blog is a little more personal about our families, friendship, and all the "nooks and crankies" of running a business together.