The crank in "nooks and crankies"

I guess it is not so much a cranky as much as being a bit bummed.. I know we just posted our first contest a couple of days ago, but I really thought we'd get more support.. No offense, but you don't know what you are missing... the capes are awesome.  We work so hard on them and everything else we do and it is hard to get a business started.  I know to stay positive, and I have, it's just a bit dismaying.  I really believe in us, so it will all work out.. Hey, we got a good order today, so that is good.  To get things off my mind yesterday... I raked leaves.. Dex had fun in them!

We also went to the Renaissance Festival on Saturday with one of Jarret's coworkers and his wife, a fellow blogger.. It is my rendition of When Blogs Collide!  Check hers out: http://katieslongwayround.blogspot.com/  We had a really good time.. How can you not?  It's the Renaissance Festival.  People dressing in Renaissance attire, or in Victorian like we saw... Some people didn't study history so well in high school, but who's judging?  You can do almost anything at the Renn Fest! 
Well, here's to fun times and people signing up for our contest... Because you're going to.. right? right? :)


Twas the SUPER Contest Before Christmas

WIN a Customized Neverland Nook Super Hero Cape!!!!
  • The winner will be able to customize their cape by choosing the letter of their choice and the size/color/fabric options we have available. See this link to check out the capes: Customized Neverland Nook Capes
  • The capes are reversible and attaches by Velcro for your child's safety. What kid wouldn't want to wake up Christmas morning and find their very own super hero cape under the Christmas tree?

How do you enter?
  1. Leave a COMMENT on this Blog Post or on our Facebook page on our "Twas the SUPER Contest Before Christmas" Note (found in the Notes section on the left side of the Facebook page) to receive an entry point.
  2. SHARE with friends (via Facebook, Blog, or repinning this Pinterest pin: http://pinterest.com/pin/184788390930152285/) and send us a link in a NEW COMMENT showing how you shared this giveaway and receive another entry point.
  3. The last way to receive an extra entry point is to have your friends leave a COMMENT on this Blog Post or on our Contest Note on Facebook with your name in it. This will allow for your friend to gain an entry point as well as an extra point for you.
  • This SUPER contest begins at 8:00 AM EST on November 19, 2011 and ends at 6:00 PM EST on December 3, 2011. The winner will be announced on December 4, 2011 at 8:00 AM and will have 48 hours to claim their prize. You can gain up to three entry points to help you win! :)
  • GOOD LUCK!!!
***Only citizens of the United States can enter this contest at this time.  Sorry for any inconveniences.  Also, no family members of the owners of Neverland Nook may enter.  Sorry Eric :) ***


Hogwarts, my home away from home!

It has been one month of marriage bliss as of today.... :)  (I just have to do a little bragging... I made our "cake topper." I just love it!!!!)...  I had lunch with my friend Gina today and we were laughing about how I miss the honeymoon soooo much!  We went to Universal Studios, and for a Harry Potter geek like me it was like reaching nirvana... It was the absolute best time in my life and I wish we could have stayed even longer... Or live there! 

We drank butter beer and visisted the greatest school ever!!!  :)  Oh, how I can't wait to go back one day.. I cried when we left.. It was so sad leaving.  I highly recommend Universal!

Yesterday my mom and I went to a Christmas showcase and I saw the cutest idea...

If you have kids, when they wake up in the morning have a little fake snow at the fireplace looking as if Santa came down.. Even if it doesn't snow where you live it doesn't matter... It's Santa, so it is magic, but maybe if you live at the beach you could use a little sand... :)

Here's to creative thinking!


Separation Anxiety

Life been somewhat wedding hectic still even though it has been over for 3 weeks.... Jarret and I had to go out of town this past weekend to where his parents live in Ohio... They threw us a second reception for all of their friends to celebrate our wedding.  It was a really good time.  The hardest part was leaving our Dexter!  When we picked him up from his overnight "camp" they told us he had some separation anxiety, but they were kind enough to let him be the privileged dog and hang out with the people at the front desk.  He did much better up front.  He's a people dog... :)  It is so hard to hear that he was upset.  He has never been away from us, nor us him, more than we have this past month with the wedding, honeymoon, and second reception, but we're good now.... We are staying put with him and hopefully never have to be long term away from him for a while now.  When we got home, his Nana gave him a special treat she picked up on our adventure up north and he wore his Neverland Nook cape, so all is good.  :) 
We also made our second sale this weekend.  Very exciting!  Thank you Lauren for being our second shopper!  It really means a lot to us!  I can't wait until Christmas orders are coming in!  Shop early, this way your shipping will definitely be on time for Christmas!!!!  We are also working on lots of new ideas that are coming up within the next few months, so please stay tuned.... Sign up as a member of our blog for some updates on everything that is happening... especially including our shop!  Also our facebook page will always have some updates too, so "like" us and stay in the "know."  I can't wait to see Leslie tomorrow to catch up and finish up work on our first two sales!!!!  Thanks for reading and I'll see ya soon... :)



Christmas Came Early!!!!

Okay, so I know I have already posted today, but I just had to bring everyone the great news... We made our first sale!!!!  We are so excited!  All of our hard work is paying off and we are pouring our hearts into this.. It feels so good!  Leslie and I got the chance to be together when the email came in with the sale notification.  It was so nice to experience the giddiness together!  Lots of shaking and jumping post email reading and it is great!  All by word of mouth because we did not know our customer... she knows someone that Leslie knows... lots of people knowing each other, but that is what makes it all the better!!!!  A big shout out goes to Lauren (you know which Lauren you are.. haha) for helping us make our first sale!  And another big shout out goes to our first customer, Margo!  THANK YOU!!!!  Until next time.

~ Sabrina