TIPsy Tuesday - Monster Page Corner Bookmark Tutorial

Like many of you out there, I am a self confessed addict to Pinterest!!!  I just can't help it, so I decided to "Pinterest Challenge" myself.  I decided to start with an easy challenge and so I chose the Monster Page Corner Bookmark.  This is something you can just do for fun or with your kids!  They would love it!

               Paper (I used double sided paper - 1 side had a pattern)
               Glue Stick


First I drew the pattern on the non-decorative side of the paper.  Each small square is 2.5" x 2.5".

Next I cut the pattern out along with a 2.5" x 2.5" square from the paper.

Glue the square piece so that you see the pattern because next you will fold the triangle pieces over and across the square and glue them together.

Next you will want to draw out a pattern by teeth.  The triangle should be 2.5" x 2.5" x 3.5" to fit in the square.  Draw teeth however you would like!  It's fun to create different characters!

Once you've glued the teeth in, cut out some circles for eyeball(s).

Glue them on and Ta Da!!!!!  You have the perfect Monster Page Corner Bookmark!!!

Don't have enough time to make one, but think they are really cute and want one???  Leave a comment below and one lucky person will be drawn at random on March 3, 2012!  Check our blog on March 3, 2012 to find out if you are the lucky winner!!!

Original Source I pinned on Pinterest

Sorry I'm a day late!  Sugar2518 you are the winner!  Shoot us an email at NeverlandNook@gmail.com if you'd like your little monster pal! :)

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"Funny how a melody, sounds like a memory"

Seriously, one day those girls on my Girls on the Run team make me feel old, then young, then back to feeling old.  I asked them what they wanted to be when they grow up.  They each give me about five different things, which is great that they want to do so much. I jokingly replied, I still don't know what I want to be (which of course I do, a cape making ninja like I am of course).  One girl replies: "You don't really have a lot of time left to find out."  Oh, how lovely, 27 years old and not a lot of time left...  Yep, all those things you're thinking in your head.. That's what I'm thinking too, but I held it back. :)  Haha, so while they all huffed and puffed about running during and after, I came home and ran another 2.5 miles.. Bet you can't do that youngster!!! 

Now, while on my run I couldn't help but play Eric Church's new song "Springsteen"... a couple of times completely back to back.  I couldn't help it!  The weather was absolutely perfect (70s with a slight breeze) and I love feeling like I'm in a movie (you do it too, don't deny it) and this is the part where the camera watches me run while enjoying the weather and trying to forget whatever is bothering me (like children reminding me that I am getting old).  Dexter had a good time too because it has been one strange and warm winter and the flowers are blooming already, so play the song (you know you want to) and enjoy the views from today with me!



Already married?

I'm a person with slight acne.  It is embarrassing, annoying, sometimes painful, embarrassing, makes me feel icky, and did I mention embarrassing?  Yea, I can't help it, so I shouldn't be, but I can't stand it.  It's not a lot and it's not ALL the time, I have gone to the doctor, but it doesn't take it all away.  So at 27 I hate the fact that I get it.  However, I think I may have a reason for liking it, people look at me as if I'm really young still!

Yesterday made up for the whole having pimples and the "Who's Hanson" debacle !  If you remember, I told you how the girls (4th and 5th graders) that I am coaching did not know who Hanson was and at 27 years old that gave me my first "I feel old" moment.  Well, yesterday I was telling them a story and when I mentioned the words "my husband" they all stopped at stared and said "who."  I replied "my husband." I am proud to tell you the next response from one of the girls was.... "you're married already?" The music began in my head (I believe it was "mmmBop").  How wonderful... ALREADY (do they know I waited 4.5 years?) married... They think I'm not 15 years older than them!!! 

With acne... I rejoice!

Hanson grown up... and ALREADY married.. :)


The dog and I... we have it good!

I'm done with my second full week of coaching a Girls on the Run season.  It is going great!  It is also the biggest learning tool thus far in my quest to figuring out children.  Fourth and Fifth Graders: Not what they used to be.  They are very open and are into boys already, some of the girls aren't, but some of the girls are.  It's funny to me when the one speaks of what Santa brought her and then mentions how her ex boyfriend cheated on her (by sitting with another girl at lunch).  I'm glad Santa is still in some of their lives, but man kids are growing up really fast!!!

Aside from Girls on the Run, I get more training for my quest by simply being friends with Leslie:
Scene opens with me calling Leslie up on the phone:

Leslie: Hey 'Rina!
Sabrina: Hey!  What's going on, just you and Avery tonight?
Leslie: Yea, Grandma has Aidan tonight.
Sabrina:  Well, that's fun. 

<Interruptions of high shrill screeches in the background - I can tell Leslie is in a completely different room from said screeches>

Sabrina: Ummm, what's that noise?  Is that Avery?
Leslie: Yep, right now she is roasting her baby doll on the play barbecue set.
Sabrina: She really is turning into a sociopath.
Leslie: Listen to this!

<Leslie walks into room where Avery is grilling up some baby chops>

Avery: Hotttt Hottt Hottt

End Scene

So, you see folks, for someone who doesn't have children... I begin to think... man, the dog and I, we have a good life together. :)



27 Years Old... Is Old???

I have to say, if you ever get the opportunity to volunteer as a Girls on the Run coach.... DO IT!  It is so much fun.  The girls are in third through fifth grade and are still at the age before being fun is uncool, so it is a blast!  They love to run, which keeps me moving.  They have hilarious stories that really are surprising!  They're all different and I am grateful to have worked with them already and it has only been 2 meetings so far.  I will definitely be a coach again next season!  The funniest part is when I asked who liked Justin Bieber and some girls were shy to say yes.  I told them to be proud of the things they liked because it is who they are and that when I was younger I loved Hanson (still do!) and some people were embarrassed to admit they liked them too.  Well, they all stared at me and said in unison... "Who's Hanson?"  Wow!!!!  At 27 years old... am I already getting old?  I really hope not!  How funny is that?  Well, I hope you all that are reading this feel young as you should!!!! :) 



Come Away With Me...

I'm supposed to be cleaning and working, but I wanted to make a video for Jarret because he made me feel good about something today, so I wanted to repay him.  I'd like to share it with you!!!! Our wedding video to our song. :)  Enjoy!



Jarret 0, Virus 1

Today my husband called me up and warned me that he was coming home from work early. Turns out he caught some kind of virus that has had Leslie locked up in her house for days too. No fun! Jarret is really out of it. When the virus comes it comes with a vengeance and suddenly because yesterday he and I had the best day enjoying the beautiful (odd winter) weather at the North Carolina Zoo. It is a great zoo with so many animals, lots of great walking, and great picture opportunities! I strongly recommend you take a visit there.

Have a great day!!!


Happy February

Happy February! Just want to send some early Valentine love your way!!!

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Cute Idea from one of my favorite blogs!

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Hope everyone has a great day!!! <3 <3