27 Years Old... Is Old???

I have to say, if you ever get the opportunity to volunteer as a Girls on the Run coach.... DO IT!  It is so much fun.  The girls are in third through fifth grade and are still at the age before being fun is uncool, so it is a blast!  They love to run, which keeps me moving.  They have hilarious stories that really are surprising!  They're all different and I am grateful to have worked with them already and it has only been 2 meetings so far.  I will definitely be a coach again next season!  The funniest part is when I asked who liked Justin Bieber and some girls were shy to say yes.  I told them to be proud of the things they liked because it is who they are and that when I was younger I loved Hanson (still do!) and some people were embarrassed to admit they liked them too.  Well, they all stared at me and said in unison... "Who's Hanson?"  Wow!!!!  At 27 years old... am I already getting old?  I really hope not!  How funny is that?  Well, I hope you all that are reading this feel young as you should!!!! :) 


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