TIPsy Tuesday - Wine Cork Monogram

This craft time may have taken a couple of TIPsy Tuesdays to make.  This is craft time for adults and a little home decor beauty.  I saved up corks for a while and made this monogram especially for Leslie and Michael's home.  I know they would appreciate it and many of the corks were from mine and Leslie's favorite wines!  This is a pretty easy tutorial, so have fun with it and maybe... a glass of wine (just no driving).

What you'll need: hot glue gun, monogram wood chip board (easily gotten at any craft store), hammer, frame hanging hardware, pencil, ruler, wine corks

I started with laying the corks out and lining them up to figure out how best to fit them.  This is a bit tedious and difficult at times when you feel like you are playing a never ending game of "Dominoes".

Next I hot glued each of the corks down to the board.  I left all the corks on the board while I carefully glued them on. 

When all of the corks are glued on, flip the board over and find the center at the top of the board and carefully hammer on the hanging hardware.

Ta Da!!! Then hang on your wall!! (Yes, I know it's pictures of Jarret and I and it is not our monogram, it's a gift for Leslie)

You'll notice I laid one of the corks down... I absolutely fell in love with it and thought this is the perfect cork to display for my fierce, wine lovin' friend!

Have fun TIPsy Tuesdayin'!!!


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First Santa, now the Easter Bunny

I knew Easter might be a crazy cape ordering time, but I had no idea how busy (being that this is our first year open).  I am up to my ears in capes.  Leslie is the "bow maker" and I am the "cape maker", so when you are getting tons of orders and requests for something to be in time for Easter you can't help, but want to say yes to everyone.  If you were reading around Christmas you might remember that I would stay up until 3 am (even 2 days before Christmas) getting capes done and mailing priority and overnights.  Being Santa and the Easter Bunny's help is awesome! BUT tiring.  Right now I stay up crazy hours making capes and that's on top of volunteering as a coach for Girls on the Run, working part time, spending time with my husband and pup, working on our new website, shipping all the packages, getting our next TIPsy Tuesday ready, and getting yard work done (I love yard work). All in all, I'm VERY busy, but VERY happy!!!
 Sometimes I swear I live in a post office. :)

 I promise, no super heroes were taken out with kryptonite in the making of this photo.
 Dex is always on the lookout!
 The turtles have been loving this wonderful Carolina weather!
Jarret was so happy with getting a new tree for the yard!!! (He really was, I'm not being sarcastic) :)

Hope everyone is having a great day!!!! Oh, and we've had some people do a recreation of the pinwheel wreath I made for TIPsy Tuesday and I'd love to share them with you!!  Too cute!!!  Thanks guys!!! :)  Toqua's Crafts and Capital B



TIPsy Tuesday - Tetrahedral Kite

**************************We have a new home... Please come find us and fun new tutorials at www.neverlandnook.com *****************************

It’s that time of the year again! Time to break out the sunblock, bubbles, and kites!!! You can make a fun kite at home with your kids with supplies you probably already have! Leslie and I had a blast at a kite festival in my neighborhood this past weekend and I made a fun kite for us to fly!

What you’ll need: scissor, 2 sheets of tissue paper, light string (I used baker’s twin, you could always use kite string), straws (that don’t bend), scotch tape, pencil, ruler, scratch paper

Put a long piece of string through three straws and knot together making a triangle, leaving excess string for later use. It is easy to get the string through the straws by sucking it through (I wouldn’t let the kids do this part) I left part of the string still attached to the roll of string before I cut it, this way I didn’t have to knot another piece of string onto one of the corners.

With the long piece of string left over, put two more straws on it forming two triangles attached to each other with one straw as the base in the middle.

Place a long piece of string through one straw and then attach to the tops of each triangle forming a pyramid shape.

Now you’re going to want to make a template on your scratch piece of paper that measures like this:


Next, fold a piece of tissue paper in half long ways (like a hot dog bun) and then fold 2 more times - right side in and then left side on top of that, like so:
The folded ends should be closest to you. Place your template on top of the tissue paper and trace it. Cut the template out.

When you open the tissue paper you will have three shapes. You’ll want to cut them apart from each other.

When you open one of your patterns you’ll want to lay one of your pyramids on one half and then fold the excess pieces over the straws and tape down.

You’ll want to tape down on four sides of your pyramid to make each piece look like this:

*You’re going to want to make 4 of these for a smaller kite and 10 for a larger kite.*

Now you will want to connect three pieces of your kite for the base of the kite (6 if you are making the larger one). Use the excess pieces of string on each corner to attach them together.

After you’ve attached the three on the bottom you will add the fourth piece on top. (For the larger kite you will put 3 on top of your base and then the last one on top).

The last thing you’ll have to do is take a piece of string and knot it at the point of your kite and attach it to bottom of that same piece (easier said with the picture that follows). This piece is important because it is where you will attach your kite string to fly your kite.

Now go and enjoy the beautiful Spring outdoors with family and friends while flying your kite!

Flying the small kite!
Flying the larger version
Have fun!

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