Another Super Kid!

Quick break during my room redo.... Got these awesome pictures from a very happy mom!!!  We're so excited to see kids loving the capes!!!!  She's adorable in her cape and PJs!!


First, of hopefully many...

Just had to share this awesome photo of an exceptionally Super Kid!  Santa brought him a Neverland Nook cape and he is ready for some action.  Love his tough guy face, TOO cute!!!  Also love the Christmas tree of lights!!!! 



Still Tired, but VERY Happy

Hello!!!  It's been quite a while for me here on the blog.  I have been super busy.  I believe I made about 28 capes in 1.5 weeks.  I'm not sure if it seems like a lot to you, but when you have a part time job, a husband, a dog, house, cleaning for in laws coming to stay at your house, and you're the seamstress side of the biz... it's a lot of capes, but man it is the MOST fulfilling job in the entire world!!!!!  I couldn't help it, but to say yes to everyone that sent a message.  I'm so excited to know that a bunch of kids received capes from Santa!  I'm hoping we get a couple of pictures from some customers, it would be great to see them!  I'm not completely rested here considering I worked both jobs up until Christmas Eve, the in-laws just left today, and I'm about to make my last two cape orders that are in, but it's okay!  I'm about to embark on one of my favorite journeys tomorrow..... redoing rooms in my house!  It's finally here, the time has come to change these rooms!  Yes, the first room I am doing was just done a year ago, but my style has finally come together and I'm ready for a change, that will hopefully last.  I'll be updating you and taking pictures along the way.  I hope everyone has had a very Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!!!! 



Holy capes, Batman!

So my sweetest of sweet Sabrinas has been, literally, working night and day to meet and exceed our client requests for custom and personalized capes / attire for this holiday season. She is Wonder Woman and needs a cape of her own!  I just have to confess that I am so impressed with her abilities, wherewithal and kind-heartedness. She is so eager to make children happy on Christmas morning that she has been working around the clock (many nights sleeping two hours ONLY!) to ensure that each customer who orders a cape for their child will have a joyful awakening and present opening on Christmas morning.  Here is just a small sampling of her orders...she's averaged two or three a day!!  We love you, "'Rina".

I aspire to be as kind and as creative as Sabrina, and I am so grateful to have her as one of my dearest friends, and as my business partner.

I apologize for this taking so long to finish this post. I just had my four-year-old wake up crying and calling out for me because of an encyclopedia we read tonight - a section about avalanches and fault lines. He had a nightmare about me and Avery (his baby sister) being buried by an avalanche. It is so difficult to balance educational reading with what will form terror in little ones.  But God forbid I try to read him a happy book about rabbits.  "Mommy, why are there not many words?  Why does it rhyme?  Why is it so short?"  Sigh. 

But, on an amusing note, my baby Avery is so in love with our new, Christmas Michael Buble album that we had the following (albeit garbled) conversation today:

Avery: "DAN!" (meaning dance)
Aidan: "I'll go put on a CD of Christmas music, so we can dance."
Me: "Are you going to put on James Taylor? Johnny Mathis?"
Me: "What, Avery?"
Avery: "Boooobleey!"
Aidan: "She wants to dance to Michael Buble. He taught me all the words to 'Santa Claus is Coming to Town'."
Me: (in thought) Holy crap, I am in trouble.

Here's wishing you all a holiday season free from avalanches and full of Michael Buble (or other agreeable holiday music).  Happy holidays, everyone!



A Crazy Liar

Quick note:  I guess I lied.  Five minutes after typing my previous post last night I received an email from a past customer, who already purchased 5 capes, who wanted to purchase SIX more customized capes.  Wow!!!  For CHRISTMAS... of course I couldn't say no, and then this morning someone purchased another.  They haven't asked for it in time for the Big Man to come down their chimney, but we all know I'm insane enough to try to get it done.  Here's to more ironing, sewing, and going a bit crazy! 




I am VERY tired.  I'm not complaining, just simply stating.  I've taken a lot of extra hours at my part time job.  I only have one day off this next week and have worked a lot this past month.  It is that time of season.  I also did not realize how Neverland Nook would pick up for cape orders either!  I'm so grateful.  Creating the magician cape was a real hit!  Sold 3 within a week.  That is a lot to a business who only started officially less than 2 months ago and isn't a main seller yet on etsy.  Whenever people have messaged us about "can we get a cape done in time for Christmas," I just can't turn it down.  Someone (a very nice and fun customer who had ordered a super hero set and magician set) sent me a random message asking if we can make a judge's robe.  Very random I thought, but she explained it's for one of three children who are very creative and love to play role playing games for hours.  Their dad is also a lawyer, so she thought it would be fun if the kids could play courtroom.  I love it!  Now, I have never made any kind of robe before.  I really wanted to work on making a wizarding robe (can you guess why?! Ha) and so this judge's robe will be my first step in practice to creating that magical world I love so much.  Tomorrow is my first day off with Jarret alone for a while, and we were supposed to spend the day together, but it looks as if I will be Neverland Nook-ing it for the day.  I'm a bit sad on missing time, but once Christmas is over I believe the land of capes will get a bit of a rest.  I should take a couple of hours to relax tomorrow.  I have Sunday morning before work and Sunday night after work to do Neverland Nook work.  Also, Monday morning.  I just can't resist people's requests for Christmas.  Although I think after the magician one I just took tonight I might have to.  Unless by some amazing luck I finish all four sets of sewing tomorrow.  That would be AWESOME!!!  Well, enough of my blogging about absolutely nothing as you sit there wondering why I'm typing and not sewing... I needed a break.. And after I iron all the cape cut outs.. I'm reading my book and heading to bed.  Jarret's already asleep:

He'd probably die if he knew this pic was up, but look at my two boys.. Yes that little black fluff under Jarret's head is Dexter!  Ha.. Too cute!  Happy Weekend!


PS - We ship to Canada now!!!  Woo hoo, eh?  Oh, and Leslie is back from Mexico tomorrow!!!  Woo hoo!!


Too busy to blog, why am I blogging right now?

So, I don't even know how I am writing this blog as of right now because I have been one busy lady here in Neverland.  With Leslie out of the country on vacation with her hubby I have been manning the business alone, which isn't so bad.  I was going to get caught up on our paperwork and get international shipping up on our site, well that all came to a SUPER halt.  I have been making capes like crazy!  It seems everyone is doing some last minute Christmas shopping!  It has been exciting.  People from California, Minnesota, Ohio, Texas, New York... all strangers and I'm not even done yet.  I have at five capes to finish tomorrow and one of our adorable owl tag blankets.  I'm truly grateful for all that is coming at me... It may be a LOT, but 'tis the season!  Our business is doing so well in two and a half short months.  There are so many things I have wanted to share and blog, but I've been so busy I don't remember them and I have got to get back to cutting capes out, so I can sleep well and get an early and quick start, so I just wanted to share a picture with you in the end.. This is the daughter of one of our customers (picture taken by Alison Harris).  The Neverland Nook poinsettia hair clip is gorgeous, but this little girl really shines!  Absolutely picture perfect she is and what a Merry Christmas she has brought me with that smile on her face wearing our very own clip.  Puts everything into perspective.  Stay warm!


Wizarding World of Sabrina

Harry Potter has been one of the only things stuck in my imagination lately.  Leslie was laughing the other day when I wore my Gryffindor sweater (laughing because she recognized what it was)... The one the kids actually wear at Hogwarts that is wool with the red and gold stripes at the cuff of the sleeve and the waist line.  Don't worry, it will appear in a picture sooner or later.  I got it while on my Honeymoon at Universal.  Some of you may remember...

Okay, so since I love to wear my sweater and my Dumbeldore's Army t-shirt, crave to read all the books over again for about the  hundredth time, and have been watching the movies on the Family Channel over and over again, I decided to try and recreate the delicious Butterbeer we had while on Honeymoon.  It was so good and we couldn't get enough of it. 
(Some ingredients weren't pictured)

First I started off with delicious Cream Soda and added about 2 drips of Imitation Butter.  Sounds weird, but it is BUTTERbeer.  Sipped it, and it was delicious...  Then I took some regular Cool Whip in a bowl and mixed it with a tiny bit of sugar, vanilla extract, and Imitation Butter.  Added the whipped concoction to the top of the cream soda mix and created: BUTTERBEER

I have to say... It was REALLY delicious.  Tasted very similar.  I'm gonna try a condensed milk version of the topping another day to see if it is any better or just the same, but I'm so happy with the results!!!  Give it a try!!!  Brings me back to one of the BEST times in my life!