Wizarding World of Sabrina

Harry Potter has been one of the only things stuck in my imagination lately.  Leslie was laughing the other day when I wore my Gryffindor sweater (laughing because she recognized what it was)... The one the kids actually wear at Hogwarts that is wool with the red and gold stripes at the cuff of the sleeve and the waist line.  Don't worry, it will appear in a picture sooner or later.  I got it while on my Honeymoon at Universal.  Some of you may remember...

Okay, so since I love to wear my sweater and my Dumbeldore's Army t-shirt, crave to read all the books over again for about the  hundredth time, and have been watching the movies on the Family Channel over and over again, I decided to try and recreate the delicious Butterbeer we had while on Honeymoon.  It was so good and we couldn't get enough of it. 
(Some ingredients weren't pictured)

First I started off with delicious Cream Soda and added about 2 drips of Imitation Butter.  Sounds weird, but it is BUTTERbeer.  Sipped it, and it was delicious...  Then I took some regular Cool Whip in a bowl and mixed it with a tiny bit of sugar, vanilla extract, and Imitation Butter.  Added the whipped concoction to the top of the cream soda mix and created: BUTTERBEER

I have to say... It was REALLY delicious.  Tasted very similar.  I'm gonna try a condensed milk version of the topping another day to see if it is any better or just the same, but I'm so happy with the results!!!  Give it a try!!!  Brings me back to one of the BEST times in my life!


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