The crank in "nooks and crankies"

I guess it is not so much a cranky as much as being a bit bummed.. I know we just posted our first contest a couple of days ago, but I really thought we'd get more support.. No offense, but you don't know what you are missing... the capes are awesome.  We work so hard on them and everything else we do and it is hard to get a business started.  I know to stay positive, and I have, it's just a bit dismaying.  I really believe in us, so it will all work out.. Hey, we got a good order today, so that is good.  To get things off my mind yesterday... I raked leaves.. Dex had fun in them!

We also went to the Renaissance Festival on Saturday with one of Jarret's coworkers and his wife, a fellow blogger.. It is my rendition of When Blogs Collide!  Check hers out: http://katieslongwayround.blogspot.com/  We had a really good time.. How can you not?  It's the Renaissance Festival.  People dressing in Renaissance attire, or in Victorian like we saw... Some people didn't study history so well in high school, but who's judging?  You can do almost anything at the Renn Fest! 
Well, here's to fun times and people signing up for our contest... Because you're going to.. right? right? :)

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