Holy capes, Batman!

So my sweetest of sweet Sabrinas has been, literally, working night and day to meet and exceed our client requests for custom and personalized capes / attire for this holiday season. She is Wonder Woman and needs a cape of her own!  I just have to confess that I am so impressed with her abilities, wherewithal and kind-heartedness. She is so eager to make children happy on Christmas morning that she has been working around the clock (many nights sleeping two hours ONLY!) to ensure that each customer who orders a cape for their child will have a joyful awakening and present opening on Christmas morning.  Here is just a small sampling of her orders...she's averaged two or three a day!!  We love you, "'Rina".

I aspire to be as kind and as creative as Sabrina, and I am so grateful to have her as one of my dearest friends, and as my business partner.

I apologize for this taking so long to finish this post. I just had my four-year-old wake up crying and calling out for me because of an encyclopedia we read tonight - a section about avalanches and fault lines. He had a nightmare about me and Avery (his baby sister) being buried by an avalanche. It is so difficult to balance educational reading with what will form terror in little ones.  But God forbid I try to read him a happy book about rabbits.  "Mommy, why are there not many words?  Why does it rhyme?  Why is it so short?"  Sigh. 

But, on an amusing note, my baby Avery is so in love with our new, Christmas Michael Buble album that we had the following (albeit garbled) conversation today:

Avery: "DAN!" (meaning dance)
Aidan: "I'll go put on a CD of Christmas music, so we can dance."
Me: "Are you going to put on James Taylor? Johnny Mathis?"
Me: "What, Avery?"
Avery: "Boooobleey!"
Aidan: "She wants to dance to Michael Buble. He taught me all the words to 'Santa Claus is Coming to Town'."
Me: (in thought) Holy crap, I am in trouble.

Here's wishing you all a holiday season free from avalanches and full of Michael Buble (or other agreeable holiday music).  Happy holidays, everyone!


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