First Santa, now the Easter Bunny

I knew Easter might be a crazy cape ordering time, but I had no idea how busy (being that this is our first year open).  I am up to my ears in capes.  Leslie is the "bow maker" and I am the "cape maker", so when you are getting tons of orders and requests for something to be in time for Easter you can't help, but want to say yes to everyone.  If you were reading around Christmas you might remember that I would stay up until 3 am (even 2 days before Christmas) getting capes done and mailing priority and overnights.  Being Santa and the Easter Bunny's help is awesome! BUT tiring.  Right now I stay up crazy hours making capes and that's on top of volunteering as a coach for Girls on the Run, working part time, spending time with my husband and pup, working on our new website, shipping all the packages, getting our next TIPsy Tuesday ready, and getting yard work done (I love yard work). All in all, I'm VERY busy, but VERY happy!!!
 Sometimes I swear I live in a post office. :)

 I promise, no super heroes were taken out with kryptonite in the making of this photo.
 Dex is always on the lookout!
 The turtles have been loving this wonderful Carolina weather!
Jarret was so happy with getting a new tree for the yard!!! (He really was, I'm not being sarcastic) :)

Hope everyone is having a great day!!!! Oh, and we've had some people do a recreation of the pinwheel wreath I made for TIPsy Tuesday and I'd love to share them with you!!  Too cute!!!  Thanks guys!!! :)  Toqua's Crafts and Capital B


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  1. Cape on! I think it's awesome you are getting so much business, though crazy, I'm sure :) Go you!