The dog and I... we have it good!

I'm done with my second full week of coaching a Girls on the Run season.  It is going great!  It is also the biggest learning tool thus far in my quest to figuring out children.  Fourth and Fifth Graders: Not what they used to be.  They are very open and are into boys already, some of the girls aren't, but some of the girls are.  It's funny to me when the one speaks of what Santa brought her and then mentions how her ex boyfriend cheated on her (by sitting with another girl at lunch).  I'm glad Santa is still in some of their lives, but man kids are growing up really fast!!!

Aside from Girls on the Run, I get more training for my quest by simply being friends with Leslie:
Scene opens with me calling Leslie up on the phone:

Leslie: Hey 'Rina!
Sabrina: Hey!  What's going on, just you and Avery tonight?
Leslie: Yea, Grandma has Aidan tonight.
Sabrina:  Well, that's fun. 

<Interruptions of high shrill screeches in the background - I can tell Leslie is in a completely different room from said screeches>

Sabrina: Ummm, what's that noise?  Is that Avery?
Leslie: Yep, right now she is roasting her baby doll on the play barbecue set.
Sabrina: She really is turning into a sociopath.
Leslie: Listen to this!

<Leslie walks into room where Avery is grilling up some baby chops>

Avery: Hotttt Hottt Hottt

End Scene

So, you see folks, for someone who doesn't have children... I begin to think... man, the dog and I, we have a good life together. :)


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