Already married?

I'm a person with slight acne.  It is embarrassing, annoying, sometimes painful, embarrassing, makes me feel icky, and did I mention embarrassing?  Yea, I can't help it, so I shouldn't be, but I can't stand it.  It's not a lot and it's not ALL the time, I have gone to the doctor, but it doesn't take it all away.  So at 27 I hate the fact that I get it.  However, I think I may have a reason for liking it, people look at me as if I'm really young still!

Yesterday made up for the whole having pimples and the "Who's Hanson" debacle !  If you remember, I told you how the girls (4th and 5th graders) that I am coaching did not know who Hanson was and at 27 years old that gave me my first "I feel old" moment.  Well, yesterday I was telling them a story and when I mentioned the words "my husband" they all stopped at stared and said "who."  I replied "my husband." I am proud to tell you the next response from one of the girls was.... "you're married already?" The music began in my head (I believe it was "mmmBop").  How wonderful... ALREADY (do they know I waited 4.5 years?) married... They think I'm not 15 years older than them!!! 

With acne... I rejoice!

Hanson grown up... and ALREADY married.. :)

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