Separation Anxiety

Life been somewhat wedding hectic still even though it has been over for 3 weeks.... Jarret and I had to go out of town this past weekend to where his parents live in Ohio... They threw us a second reception for all of their friends to celebrate our wedding.  It was a really good time.  The hardest part was leaving our Dexter!  When we picked him up from his overnight "camp" they told us he had some separation anxiety, but they were kind enough to let him be the privileged dog and hang out with the people at the front desk.  He did much better up front.  He's a people dog... :)  It is so hard to hear that he was upset.  He has never been away from us, nor us him, more than we have this past month with the wedding, honeymoon, and second reception, but we're good now.... We are staying put with him and hopefully never have to be long term away from him for a while now.  When we got home, his Nana gave him a special treat she picked up on our adventure up north and he wore his Neverland Nook cape, so all is good.  :) 
We also made our second sale this weekend.  Very exciting!  Thank you Lauren for being our second shopper!  It really means a lot to us!  I can't wait until Christmas orders are coming in!  Shop early, this way your shipping will definitely be on time for Christmas!!!!  We are also working on lots of new ideas that are coming up within the next few months, so please stay tuned.... Sign up as a member of our blog for some updates on everything that is happening... especially including our shop!  Also our facebook page will always have some updates too, so "like" us and stay in the "know."  I can't wait to see Leslie tomorrow to catch up and finish up work on our first two sales!!!!  Thanks for reading and I'll see ya soon... :)


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