Hogwarts, my home away from home!

It has been one month of marriage bliss as of today.... :)  (I just have to do a little bragging... I made our "cake topper." I just love it!!!!)...  I had lunch with my friend Gina today and we were laughing about how I miss the honeymoon soooo much!  We went to Universal Studios, and for a Harry Potter geek like me it was like reaching nirvana... It was the absolute best time in my life and I wish we could have stayed even longer... Or live there! 

We drank butter beer and visisted the greatest school ever!!!  :)  Oh, how I can't wait to go back one day.. I cried when we left.. It was so sad leaving.  I highly recommend Universal!

Yesterday my mom and I went to a Christmas showcase and I saw the cutest idea...

If you have kids, when they wake up in the morning have a little fake snow at the fireplace looking as if Santa came down.. Even if it doesn't snow where you live it doesn't matter... It's Santa, so it is magic, but maybe if you live at the beach you could use a little sand... :)

Here's to creative thinking!

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