Life Doesn't Always Give you Lemons

Today I took my first CPR/First aid certification class. Now, it sounds like such a good thing to do, which it is, but I struggled almost the entire time. Yes I was able to do the compressions and save my dummy, but when we got to the first aid part I was about to faint. I'm one of those people who can't see blood, someone getting a needle, a spider on TV or in person, or even a snake... Today, I had so see all of those things during training. Ugh, but if you're in trouble I'm certified to help; that is if I don't pass out before you after seeing all your blood after you've got bitten by a spider and while trying to insert your epi-pen you got mauled by a snake.

Now certification training was for the Girls On the Run group I'm supposed to be coaching. I say supposed to be because it turns out only 4 girls signed up at the school I'm volunteering for and they say they can't run it if less than 8 signs up. That, and the second volunteer completely backed out of helping out. I'm beginning to see this as a sign of this whole situation possibly being not meant to be. Upsetting, but life doesn't always give you fresh lemons.

Leslie and I had our first official quarterly meeting for Neverland Nook last week.  We got a lot accomplished and had fun the whole day.  Although at the end of the day we were both exhausted.  Even better, I got to greet Leslie with a Neverland Nook sign on my new chalkboard wall.

I'm just looking forward to another pancake morning with Jarret tomorrow morning... Our last batch of pancakes had a little heart on one of them.  It was too cute! <3
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