The Birds and the.... Crafts?

So I was visiting with my mom the other day and she (because of me and my addiction) is addicted to Pinterest.  Who isn't, right?  Well she called it one of the funniest things I've ever heard... "Craft Porn"!  For those of you who enjoy any kind of crafting and are addicted to Pinterest.... You will probably think that phrase is the funniest!  If that's not bad enough... I was reading a post over at our blog friend, The Mom of the Year and she mentioned StumbleUpon.  Well... It just brings multitudes of craft websites to me after I clicked crafts as my interest.  StumbleUpon introduced me to a different "pinterest" type of website called Craft Gawker.  Now I'm addicted to that because I'm seeing craft ideas I haven't seen on Pinterest.  Because of Craft Gawker I am also finding new craft bloggers that I haven't seen on Stumble Upon or Pinterest.  Seriously?  I am never going to get any work done with all this "Craft Porn"!!!!!


  1. Hysterical! I didn't even know that craft porn was part of StumbleUpon! Truly sorry for the intro to the new addiction and tell your mom I am eager to start reading her blog, titled CraftPorn, obviously...;)