Date Night, Deviled Eggs, Guest Posting, and a New Website....

Having been so busy lately, my husband and I decided we needed to go out for a real dinner date on Friday night because we never get to just relax with each other.  We had a great time!  We went to a restaurant named CowFish. It is delicious!  They have a mixture of hamburgers (cow) and sushi (fish).  Yummy!  We saw other people taking pictures of their bento boxes and each other eating, so we decided to "jump off the bridge" and see what the fun was!  I will share in this food photo taking fun:
My bento box.. You can see I had already started to dig in before I noticed the picture taking fun.

Jarret enjoying some of his edamame.

Mmmm.. Slider!

Mind the blurriness - This was my camera phone, but the mirror globe on the wall was asking for a picture of us! :)
Dinner was yummy and we shall return there one day when some time is much needed again!  We also went to my mom's today for Easter... She made these adorable.. and yummy deviled eggs...
For someone who says she doesn't know where my "crafty-ness" came from, she does a very crafty job at things!
This weekend wasn't just full of fun eating.. I have gotten a lot done with Neverland Nook work!  I'm excited to share that I will be guest blogging a fun TIPsy Tuesday tutorial on the Craftionary blog!  I am so thrilled Hani asked me to do a guest post!  With that, Leslie or I won't be posting a TIPsy Tuesday this week, BUT we are so EXCITED to share that Meredith from www.themomoftheyear.net will be sharing some very great tips!!!  I can't wait to share her post with you!  Also, I have been working on our new website {www.neverlandnook.com} and hopefully it will be up and running very soon!!!!  I still have some work to do to tidy it up, but overall it is looking great and I can't wait to share it!  Thanks for tolerating my absence!


PS - Our new blog will not be a blogger, so please follow us on Linky Follower.  It is linked to our new website and will update you (you'll see the sign up on the right side of the screen).  Also, if you are signed up on our RSS feed we will be carrying it over and updating to our new website soon..


  1. Thanks for the Tipsy Tuesday-Eve shout-out--hope I don't dissapoint ;)! And I am jealous that you have a restaurant with a name (and food) as cool as CowFish around you--AWESOME!! Deviled eggs are adorable--go your mom! And I will, always "follow" you anywhere"--excited for the new site! :)