TIPsy Tuesday: Butterfly Mobile

Hey guys!  So this is my guest tutorial post that was featured on www.craftionary.net last week.  I was so excited about Hani asking me to do a guest tutorial and so grateful that Meredith from www.themomoftheyear.net was so kind to guest post on our TIPsy Tuesday last week.  I decided to share my tutorial once again this week and post on some linky parties.  Thanks for always reading!!!  Enjoy!

What you'll need:  pencil, scissors, ruler, hot glue gun, string, tissue paper, double sided paper, a dead branch, ribbon

First we will make some butterflies.  On your double sided color paper (I recommend  using thin paper - I learned that the hard way), make 6"x6" squares and cut them out.  You can pick and choose how many butterflies you would like to add according to the size of the mobile you are making.

Fold your square in half both ways.  Flip the square over (make sure to do this because it will help with the next step) and fold diagonally both ways.
Pinch in the folds on the side into the middle to form a triangle ending with the point facing up.
From the bottom left and right corners, fold the top layer of paper up into a diamond shape.

Flip your triangle over so that the point is now at the bottom and you are working with the other side.  Fold the bottom part up and fold the tip of the point over the flat top.  You'll want a little more of the tip folded over than I have pictured.  It will help stabilize your butterfly better. 
Give the butterfly a good fold in half and Ta Da!  Pretty butterfly.  Now prepare to hang it by using a needle and string.  Knot the string at the end, but let the end going through the needle hang loose.
To get the butterfly to hang nicely I poked holes in the top diamond layer in the middle and then pulled the string up from the inside on one side and down through the top on the other side.
Once you knot the other side and cut the excess string off, with another piece of string knot it at the center of the piece going across the butterfly.  The lengths of these pieces will depend on how you choose to hang and balance the butterflies.
Now we will work on the tissue paper cherry blossoms.  I used two different color pink tissue papers.  Lying one on top of the other I drew out different flower shapes.  They do not need to be perfect (that's the best part).  Cut them all out.  You can pick and choose how many you'd like to make.
Take whichever color you want to be the inside layer and place a dot of hot glue in the middle.  Pinch together.  Place some hot glue on the middle of the second piece and place the first piece inside of it and pinch together.  Easy!

Next you'll be tying the butterflies onto the branch and gluing the blossoms on.  I was fortunate enough to have my husband find the perfect branch for me!
Tie the end of the strings connected to the butterfly to your branch (check the weight and balance as you go for placement).  Using my hot glue gun I glued the cherry blossoms over where I tied the string on the branch to hide the string.

Lastly I used a piece of ribbon to hang the mobile.  I was able to loop mine around, but you may have to be a little more creative depending on the shape of your branch.
Ta Da!  You have a beautiful Butterfly Mobile!

Thanks for following along!

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  1. I love this! I saw your guest post last week and thought it was gorgeous :) Go you--maybe someday I will get brave enough to actually give it a go ;)

  2. This is so sweet! Love it! I definitely gotta try making those butterflies. Thanks so much for sharing at The MOther Lode linky party over at I Gotta Create!
    <3 Christina

  3. Great tutorial, thank you so much for sharing, it turned out adorable!

  4. Cool idea, thanks! I'm thinking of making a paper airplane (boy) version...

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