I'm so excited...

I'm so excited!  We have a ton of Valentine's hair accessories up and they are getting a great response!  Leslie has worked so hard at getting them all put together and posted!  She is a bow ninja!  She took what I believed was my worst felt creation and made it beautiful with all her layers of ribbon!  I love it! 

I'm also excited because I finally got to go on a movie date with my husband.  We have been trying to for over a month.  Saw The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.  It was great!  I loved the books, and the movie did a great job following it.

I'm also excited because I'm a Girls On The Run coach!  Jarret and I have run the 5k for Girls On The Run the past three years (it's actually in our neighborhood... yes we paid to run 3 miles in our neighborhood).  I'm really excited and nervous.  There is a lot more to it then I expected, but I think it will be really fulfilling!  I used to never be in great shape growing up (not that I'm in perfect shape now), but I had no confidence.  I'm not going to lie.. I think at one time I probably weighed 185 lbs.  Now for some that may not be a lot if you are overweight and for others you may think that is very overweight.  Whatever it was, I was unhealthy and had a problem with over eating.  about two years ago I was in the 160s and still hated that I couldn't find the strength to beat food, so I got the strength to go to a therapist.  It really helped.  I started to like myself more and found the confidence I never had before.  I had lost 30 pounds and for the first time in my life weighed 135!!!  I was never even that thin in my teens.  I have now held at 138 and 140 and am happy.  I may not have the perfect body to others, but it is pretty good to me.  I'm healthy, can run a decent speed with longevity, and have an inner strength I never had before.  Most people may think I'm crazy for putting myself completely out there for you all to know what I weigh, but it is just a number and I want to help inspire the girls I teach to find it in them that what others think, doesn't really matter.  It's what you think about yourself and just being simply healthy is all that matters!

And on my last excited note:  I got Dexter in my hoodie and he is aDOGable!!!!!!

Have a good day!!!


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