A long post, my apologies

It has been quite a while since I have had the chance to sit and blog!  I have been really busy!  Christmas season was WAY better than we ever expected it to be with orders.  Capes were a hit and were ordered just about everyday even leading up to three days before Christmas.  I was sewing capes on Christmas Eve-Eve.  We had a very nice Christmas.  Jarret's parents were at our house for the weekend and my parents and brother came over on Christmas day.  I got to meet Leslie's brother-in-law on Christmas Eve and her sister a couple of days later on her birthday.  It has been a really nice holiday season.  I decided also that I wanted to redo a couple of rooms in the house.  I'm not yet done, but I have been inspired by another blog, a very good and popular one: The Lettered Cottage, to tone down my colors and go with a more rustic look.  Now considering our office is overtaken with our Legos and my sewing it still has a bit of a modern look, but it looks much more spacious and bright:

The office BEFORE:

The office AFTER:

The kitchen BEFORE:

The kitchen AFTER:

Chalkboard wall!!!!  Woohoo!!! 

So, yes it has been very busy and I have so much more to share, but I think this blog post has been long enough for you with crazy pictures.  I apologize for the pictures not being awesome, I don't have a professional camera or the know how in taking pics of rooms, but I think you get the idea!  I will end with two more pics:

Dexter was not so excited I was painting and not playing!

This next pic is one of my best friends from high school's new baby!  Susan, she is gorgeous... Introducing Miss Rozelyn (1.4.12)


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