Intimidating Photo Shoot

Yesterday morning we did our first baby photo shoot for Neverland Nook. It starred my high school friends baby Rozelyn (only 4 weeks old). She did an awesome job. Poor thing was awake the whole time. I think having so many people around her and moving her around kept her awake. I personally only have a four legged, adorable, lovable, best dog in the world child; so I am a bit intimidated by the little baby.  I think I was more overwhelmed then her.  Her legs are all spindly and thin, and she just looks completely breakable. I love creating things for children, but man, they are the most intimidating beings on this planet. Here's a little preview of Rozelyn at work:

This picture provided by Gotcha Studios

All in all, we're pretty excited to showcase this new (intimidating) little one at Neverland Nook soon!


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