Running just as fast as we can...

Well, with only four girls signed up for my Girls on the Run team they are allowing my team to move forth and run together!  Which is awesome, so the school won't lose the program and hopefully more girls will sign up for next year.  I have been a pretty good runner for the last two years.  Jarret and I have run numerous 5ks and Girls on the Run has been one of them.  I have been a little off the running path lately and have been gearing up again.  Leslie and I decided to go running on the golf course paths near her house this morning.  Whew!!!  It was tough.  We did have to stop and walk a bit, but it's a start.  We're going to run every Friday morning together.  It's a good goal and Avery loves it!

We also saw a rainbow while out.. Kinda hard to see, but always a good sign.  That's the second rainbow I've posted on this blog in the past couple of months.  Hopefully I have more to picture in the future! :)

Here's to a lucky day for all of our readers!


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