Leap into Spring

Happy Leap Day!  I fully took advantage of my extra day this year!  I have to start with the fact that I have a pretty SUPER husband! Yep, that's him in the picture below. :)

When I had a customer order a custom cape for her husband, to match the cape she was buying for her child, Jarret agreed to be my model.  He is quite the super guy!  He also had off yesterday and knew I had a long day of getting a lot done, so he got all my coffee stuff ready for me in the morning!

He doesn't drink coffee at all, so even going near the coffee pot is a big deal for him. :)  Anyways, I had a big morning watching Leslie's kids while she got a lot of our hair bow orders made, she's been in jury duty, so she hasn't had any time to get stuff done!  This is what I saw when I came into their breakfast time first thing in the morning:

Oh, sweet Avery!  She wore those glasses all morning.  She looks like an old spinster aunt whose name is Maude and should be telling dirty jokes with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth.  After a couple of hours of running around in circles, literally, with a 2 year old yelling "run" as she has me be her chariot chasing her brother, I went home and had the most sore arms in the world.  Leslie probably could be a boxer if her arms do that everyday! 

When I got home Jarret and I had to run a bunch of errands, one including getting our car titles.  Both our cars are paid off now, but for some reason they make you pay for the title.  Wasn't the thousands of dollars I spent paying for the car good enough to earn that piece of paper?  We did some grocery shopping and then late into the night I made some more goodies for Neverland Nook.  Somehow in the middle of our long day we got to take Dexter on a walk and so now I will share even more "Spring is coming" photos because this awesome weather is already making a beautiful early spring.

Hope everyone else had a productive and lovely extra day this year!


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  1. Love the pic of Avery! Oh, if I could only rock out glasses that well...:)