My Brother For the Win

I have to start with something I am so excited about... We are working on our official Neverland Nook website! 

You have no idea how psyched we are! We've gotten a lot of help from a blimey Englishman. :)  He has been so awesome with help!  Granted I did struggle a bit with his accent during a 40 minute phone conversation yesterday when he called me from England, and talking about computer stuff that I am just learning about was quite the struggle, but he was patient and we made it through.  This does mean however that we may be changing over our blog servers, but no worries, we will guide you along with us when the time comes.  And never fear, we will always stick with etsy, just want to expand our horizons a bit.

Today I went for the longest walk through some greenways with my brother and Dexter.  My brother is psyched about us getting an official ".com" site.  He is a gaming and computer nerd!  I always thought he was such a geek for becoming friends with all of his World of Warcraft "friends" online (considering he has never met them and most of them happen to live in Canada).  To my surprise however, I had to apologize to him today for thinking that.  I have become "friends" with people I have never met due to our etsy shop and blog.  One in particular is Meredith at The Mom of the Year.  She started out as a shopper (and continues to be - thank you Meredith, we love you).  I then stalked found her blog site.  Now, I consider her a "friend". 

So, I end this post, not only with some pics from my brother's and mine walking adventure, where we did see 7 deer up close and an awesome hawk, but also with an - "I'm sorry Eric"!  My brother "For the Win" (for those who don't know what that means, you just don't have a great bro who plays World of Warcraft).

Dex all buckled up and ready to go

One month ago these weren't even an inch high.

Hope every one's having a great day!



  1. Best of luck with the site! English make great designers :D I would know coming from the UK and working as a freelance web developer too.
    Look forward to seeing the finished site.

    1. Haha! I don't doubt the English.. You have The Beatles and Harry Potter and both have which have made my life better! :) Thanks for the luck!

    2. Yes, but he's not a creative Englishman - he's a scientist - a genetic engineer. Although I suppose some of the animals I made in the lab had a bit of the unusual to them (I still think there's a market for glow in the dark, two-headed fish and I have no idea why they shut us down).

    3. So, I'd say that's a creative genetic engineer.... :) Do you get the show The Big Bang Theory in Europe? Pleased don't say that is a show that we stole and made American... It is so funny! Your smart brain needs to watch it!

  2. I am excited to see this new site too! Knowing you guys, it will be gorgeous and awesome :)