"Sabrina Needs"

If you've never typed your name and the word "needs" into google before, you have to.. It's hilarious.. Just be sure to type it in quotations like so: "Sabrina needs".... I couldn't stop laughing so I must share my top 10:

1.  Sabrina needs to pee - Google must know I just drank my morning coffee

2.  Sabrina needs a home - Is Jarret kicking me out?

3.  Sabrina needs our help - I wonder, is our English computer genius friend Neil sending help my way on getting our new website up and running? (coming soon!!)

4.  Sabrina needs the attention - Not just attention... THE attention.  That's right, read our blog and give me attention!  Thank you!

5.  Sabrina needs a friend - This must go along with the needing of attention... Friends anyone? 

6.  Sabrina needs some love! - Jarret?

7.  Sabrina needs numbers - I hope this doesn't mean in pounds, because I could lose some of those numbers.

8.  Sabrina needs a share in Orlando, FL. - OMG!  Google really does know me.. All I think about is my honeymoon and how I want to live at Universal in the Wizarding World of Sabrina Harry Potter!

9.  Sabrina needs the money - Hmmm... Have you guys seen this site? If you haven't, you should totally check it out! :)

10.  Sabrina needs Harry Potter like a Grindylow needs water - OMG again!  Seriously?  How much does google know me?!?  (Geeks that get the Grindylow statement, read #5 again because we should be!)

Your turn! Have fun!


  1. That really is funny! My name happens to be Sky, so mine were a bit skewed: Sky needs a garden, Sky needs some cloud cover. Sky needs to focus on a title run... nice little laugh- thanks! :)

  2. Oh my! This is hysterical! Apparently Meredith needs to mind her own business, go back to camp and either be arrested or suspended--I'm way more exciting than I knew :) Thanks for the laugh.