TIPsy Tuesday: Spring Into Style

It's almost officially Spring and you know what that means... time for some Spring Cleaning!  There is no reason why you shouldn't be crafty and stylish while you get wonderfully organized and clean!  I'm giving you 3 (with a bonus last minute fourth) stylish ways to have a cute look for organizing your stuff!

So, I know, you're thinking, really... make my own twist ties?  Get real! I thought the same thing too when I saw some tutorials on making them with paper, which is a cute idea, but I thought.. use ribbon.. It's quicker and if you get the right size you don't have to cut them to that perfect size.  Cute twist ties are great for a cute way to close the bread bag to brighten your day, cute way to close the baggie for your child's lunch, and even for party goody bags!

What you'll need: craft wire, 1/4" ribbon, scissor, ruler, double sided tape, lighter

Cut the ribbon to 8.5" and a piece of wire to 4".  I used darker wire to better show you, but normally I would choose the silver wire.

Next, straighten the wire as best you can (better than me hopefully) and place it on the double sided tape.

Now, as best you can, fold the double sided tape in half over the piece of wire.

Lastly place the ribbon on one side with some excess at the bottom and fold over the top covering all of the tape.  Cut the excess off leaving a slight bit left over and carefully use a lighter to heat seal the end.

Now you have adorable twist ties to liven up your new clean house.

Now, next you can make an adorable container to hold many of those plastic bags you have sitting around.  You can place this anywhere, but I use it in my car where I ALWAYS need a garbage bag!

What you'll need: empty disinfectant wipe container, hot glue gun, piece of fabric, scissor, iron, pencil

Begin by lying the empty wipe container on the "ugly" side of the fabric, leaving excess on top and bottom.  Mark on the fabric where you would like the fabric to start and stop on the container.
Next fold the fabric to where you placed your marks and iron the folds to help have a crisp fold. Cut off majority of the excess leaving a small lip.

Roll the container on the fabric to figure out how long you need the fabric to be.  Fold the fabric over and iron it the same way you did before and cut off majority of the excess.
Glue all the folds down with your hot glue gun.  Make sure to put glue on sparingly to avoid big clumps.
Once the folds are glued down, place glue along the top of the fabric that has no fold and place the container on it.  Place lines of glue going down the sides of the fabric on the folds and carefully roll the container, being sure to go in a straight line.
Once you get to the end, finish up by gluing the width along the fold and finish rolling the container. 
Fill the container with all those plastic bags you have lying around, put the cap on, and Ta Da!  Adorable container to place in your car or anywhere else you need garbage bags handy!

Last, but not least...  Cute button magnets!  If you're anything like me, you have a million mismatching magnets that were probably free, coming from the many phone books left at my front door or random real estate agent mailings.  I really wanted cute magnets that weren't costly, like most cute magnets are, and since I'm crushing on buttons lately I couldn't contain myself!

What you'll need: scissor, hot glue gun, magnets (you can buy them in a roll, circles, or even cut up those flat ones from the phone book), buttons

Cut the magnet a bit smaller than the button you are using.

Place the glue on the "ugly" side of the magnet.

Place magnet on the back of the button.

For some of the magnets I glued small buttons on larger ones.

Now your refigerator or magnet board is uber cute!
Lastly, I was talking with a woman today (after I made the tutorial the other day) and she mentioned she was looking for cute pushpins.. My brain began to stir...

   Thumbtacks + Hot Glue + Buttons = Even More Uber Cuteness
Have fun organizing in style!

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  1. LOVE the twist ties--I (totally NOT CRAFTY) even could do this one, right? :) Button magnets are also making me want to whip out the glue gun...;)

    1. Haha.. It's easy enough! And I LOVE the magnets! Leslie asked me to make them for her.. hahaha..